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Award-winning Pop Artist, Rock Vocalist, Producer, Creative Director, Songwriter and Composer Bonne Finken is best explained as an example of pure artistic holdfast.

Electing to skip the popular paths often pursued in today's musical landscape, Bonne bypassed offers from studios, televisions shows and pop producers set on commercially molding her image and sound. Instead, Finken spent the better part of a decade learning from a few trusted mentors how to produce and compose music on her own, with one constant goal in mind: Present the sounds in her head.

Finken's first success with this was through the release of her 2014 Independent Pop/Rock album Fairytales/LoveAffairs.

Garnering universal praise, the album stamped Finken as a "musical force to be reckoned with" (Vents Magazine) and "musical warrior" (24Our Magazine) amongst the art community and landed her a nomination for 'Album of the Year' by Indie Music Digest (2014).

On a local level, Finken changed the scope of the music scene, becoming the first independent artist to obtain regular rotation on a Top 40 radio station with her single "Step Back Baby". 

Spun into the role of budding indie gem, the effect of an on the cusp of mainstream success independent album sent Finken spinning through the most tumultuous years of her life.
Having been both a young mother and cancer survivor, Finken was unknowingly prepped to become a rare female leader in a male-dominated industry. Still, these years tested her tenacity and ability to keep a tight hold onto her first and constant goal.

To silence the noise, Finken chose to spend a year artistically isolated. Moving to a tiny town in the the rolling hills of Tennessee in 2017, with only her studio equipment and clothes in tow, Finken committed to a soul searching project with fellow Iowan and rock producer Matt Sepanic (Stone Sour; Slipknot). While residing with Sepanic and his family in the mountains of Leipers Fork, TN, blocking outside influence, Finken wrote her most uninhibited songs up to that date - successfully combining the stories of recent life experiences with her trademark sound, Bonne Finken independently presented her 3rd full-length studio album "Gauntlet".

"Packed with beauty, power and emotion" (Music Street Journal) Bonne’s songs have mesmerizing effect. Honest pop songs sung by an elite rock vocalist. Modern synths and cinematic scores run fluid with choirs, layered melodies and apocalyptic drums creating a sound and emotional journey that Finken spent years learning to hone. The dedication has paid off, as Indie Artist Alliance calls Finken "a talented visionary deserving of far wider recognition than this review".

"Gauntlet" went on to receive nominations for both Best Pop Album and Best Electronic Song (Down Down) by the 2020 Independent Music Awards.   Bonne's supporting independent tour and following releases help lead to a 2020 sync-rep signing with Winding Way Records.

"Gauntlet" was co-produced by Matt Sepanic (Stone Sour; Slipknot) and recorded in Leipers Fork, TN. Additional production and mixing by Bonne Finken, Jon Locker (Sonic Factory Studios), Glenn Sawyer (Spot Studios) and Rich Veltrop (Macy Gray; Rage Against The Machine). 


In 2023 Finken collaborated with long-time bassist and Sonic Factory Studios owner, Jon Locker, who is an Iowa Hall of Fame inductee.  They released the album "execute" under the project name, BONNE, which featured more organic instrumentation and direct focus on Finken's powerhouse rock vocals.  


Finken also independently released a solo re-imagination of the Eurythmics classic, "Here Comes the Rain Again", which was produced by Brandon Darner and Micah Natera (Imagine Dragons).

Numerous songs written by Bonne Finken have been spun on both commercial and college radio. An Emmy® recipient for her original song and score for the documentary "FarmHer" Bonne's work has also been featured on various TV shows and commercials (i.e. MTV's The Real World & E!'s Keeping Up With the Kardashians).

As a prolific writer, Bonne creates music on a continuous basis - be sure and follow her on all social media platforms to be updated on upcoming releases and performances.  Currently, you can listen to BOTH versions of her original holiday song 'Christmas Night' on Apple Music and Spotify.

B O N N E ' S   S O U N D

Utilizing digital interfaces most traditionally used in the EDM genre (i.e. ProTools & Digital Performer), Bonne implements the same technology to compose/perform her original chamber rock/pop music.  The majority of what you hear in her music, as well as at her live shows, is  e l e c t r o n i c .

From layered drum opuses to "guitar" solos to cinematic orchestral compositions.  Bonne's unique sound comes from combining these original and electronic compositions with live samples and parts gathered by hiring session players - which are then altered to become their own unique sound within the Digital Interface.


Bonne's live shows range from solo & completely electronic - to a road-friendly trio (electronics, live bass and live drums) -

to a full 5-8 piece live band

(known as Bonne Finken + The Collective).


Bonne is most often accompanied in the studio and on stage by her trusted mentor, co-producer,  and owner of the

Sonic Factory Studios, Jon Locker, as well as a various and talented group of rotating professional musicians.  The "Collective" is made up of the best musicians in the state.

(Jon Locker, Michael Pfaff, Christine Steeples, James Biehn, Seth Hedquist, Neil Stoffregen, Ian Shepherd, Russ Tomlinson, & Patrick Riley)

"5 out of 5 Stars - Incredible voice, talent and heart"

Charles Walton- The Examiner

"Brilliant artistic vision from an amazing singer and subsequent musical visionary that’s deserving of far wider recognition than this review"

Natalie Webb - Indie Artist Alliance

"Highly original and, dare I say, brilliantly catchy"

Tammy Yarborough - All What's Rock

"A musical force to be reckoned with"

RJ Frometa - Vents Magazine

"An enthusiastic 5 out of 5 stars"

Vonnie Campbell - Rock n Roll View

"Bonne is a real diamond in the rough...a record contract waiting to happen...most famous artists out there have "it" and Bonne Finken has whatever "it" is."

Virgil Wright - IndieShark

10 STARS - Fairytales/LoveAffairs - Nominated for "Album of the Year" (2014)  

"Finken is impressive...pure musical mojo"

Cyrus Rhodes - Indie Music Digest

"Finken has a gift as a singer. Her voice is unique: sultry when it needs to be, soft when it suits her and scary powerful when she unleashes it.  She could sing whatever style she wanted...her talent reaches across genres."

Dave Murphy - Des Moines is Not Boring 

"Finken brings back some of what I miss from 1966: popular music that isn’t just calculated, forgettable radio fodder that will wear out in a few months.  She’s a perfect Iowa diva: confident, not afraid to cut loose and wail, but still down to earth. The diva next door."

Kent Williams - Little Village Magazine


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