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"5 out of 5 Stars - Incredible voice, talent and heart"

Charles Walton- The Examiner

"Brilliant artistic vision from an amazing singer and subsequent musical visionary that’s deserving of far wider recognition than this review"

Natalie Webb - Indie Artist Alliance

"Highly original and, dare I say, brilliantly catchy"

Tammy Yarborough - All What's Rock

"A musical force to be reckoned with"

RJ Frometa - Vents Magazine

"An enthusiastic 5 out of 5 stars"

Vonnie Campbell - Rock n Roll View

"Bonne is a real diamond in the rough...a record contract waiting to happen...most famous artists out there have "it" and Bonne Finken has whatever "it" is."

Virgil Wright - IndieShark

10 STARS - Fairytales/LoveAffairs - Nominated for "Album of the Year" (2014)  

"Finken is impressive...pure musical mojo"

Cyrus Rhodes - Indie Music Digest

"Finken has a gift as a singer. Her voice is unique: sultry when it needs to be, soft when it suits her and scary powerful when she unleashes it.  She could sing whatever style she wanted...her talent reaches across genres."

Dave Murphy - Des Moines is Not Boring 

"Finken brings back some of what I miss from 1966: popular music that isn’t just calculated, forgettable radio fodder that will wear out in a few months.  She’s a perfect Iowa diva: confident, not afraid to cut loose and wail, but still down to earth. The diva next door."

Kent Williams - Little Village Magazine


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